Conway Analytics Report with Leads

Lead Indicators

In the noise of globalization, Conway now monitors signals that provide insight on corporate investment strategies. Conway Lead Indicators are pieces of intelligence that reflect a company’s intent and readiness to enter or expand its presence in new markets. Investment Leads by Region total a minimum of 50 per month and include top sectors and motives for growth. They help uncover strategic opportunities early in the company’s decision-making process and provide leverage to develop proactive strategies ahead of the competition. Leads are not guarantees of a company’s future investment, but they are clues that help in understanding the direction in which today’s most competitive companies are heading.

Capacity Expansion

To offer a more comprehensive picture of global investment activity and local competitiveness, this report now includes capacity expansions. Capacity expansions do not necessarily involve construction. They are investments that expand business or increase production capacity, such as the hiring of new employees, and the acquisition or update of machinery.

Investment Motives

For most projects, the report includes investment motives that enlighten the decision-making process behind the site selection. This section highlights the competitive features of a location and the reasons why it has been chosen in spite of competing locations: cost factors, skilled labor, infrastructure, business climate.


Statements gathered from executives and upper management officials through press releases, interviews and speeches provide insight into the direction today's top companies are moving.

Duration: 1 year
Price: $8,800.00